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If you would like to sponsor one of our amazing little Penguins or one of the incredible athletes from the Adapated Sports Team that we work with you can do it right here.

We offer weekly swimming sessions  for our Penguins and it costs us $50 (£2.20) per child to swim. Some of the families we work with are unable to afford to pay for the session and it is difficult for us to always find the funds to pay for this.

Aside from our Penguins, we work with the Adapted Sports Team who are in desperate need for sports kit, swimming kit, funding to go to competitions (travel and accommodation), gym/training equipment and specialist sports wheelchairs. These young athletes work so hard, training every day in track, swimming and gym sessions with very little funding or support. Despite this they have been able to travel to National Competitions and compete successfully. The team are recently traveled to a National event in Aguascalientes where 4 of the athletes picked up gold medals in athletics and swimming. They also won 8 gold medals at the Paralimpiada and one of their athletes, Chyito is the fastest sprinter with Downs Syndrome in the world, recently returning from Italy with two gold medals.

It is a big struggle for them to travel to major events, be able to afford accommodation and ensure they have the kit they need. Sometimes they have to sleep in the coach they hire and often go without basic kit. The opportunity for them to take part in sport is so rewarding. Not only does it give them physical and mental health benefits but it also shows the world that disability does not stop people from taking part sport.

I want to share the story of Sergio.  Sergio has a rare condition that effects his hands and feet and has caused them to be severely deformed. So much so that he is unable to stand still as he has to constantly balance on his tip toes. Sergio began attending our swimming sessions in 2012. He was scared stiff and did not want to let go of the side. It took me weeks for him to trust me and after a few months he finally began to learn how to swim. Sergio’s family could not afford for him to attend therapy but via donations we were able to support him to continue. Fast forward to 2016 and he is now completing with the Adapted Sports Team. Sergio recently won 4 gold medals at a National Competition and he is only 10! This feels incredible. To see him progress and learn this wonderful skill that allows him to be free, move quickly and win medals! If you would like to help someone like Sergio please get in touch.

Make a difference today….sponsor a Penguin/Athlete! We will let you know who you are supporting and keep you updated about their progress.

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