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Catrin’s Centre (TU Clinic)

One of the major problems that face children and adults with disabilities in Mexico is the lack of specialist wheelchairs, seating and standing equipment. There are many centres that offer excellent physiotherapy services, however without the provision of individualised, specialist equipment a child or adult with disabilities who is unable to move independently is at high risk of developing many secondary complications, the most common being severe deformities.

We are very fortunate to have been supported over the past 4 years from a UK charity called MeDiCT and a specialist centre in Monterrey, Mexico, called Instituto Nuevo Amanecer. (click to learn more about them!). This has enabled us to develop our postural management services considerably as well as have access to the donated equipment from the UK.  Part of their services focus on postural management and they have a specialist clinic, Centro de Atencion Postural (click here to learn more about them!), where they make specialized wheelchairs and postural management equipment. We have been able to spend time with their specialists learning more about Postural Management as well as have the support from MeDiCT to set up our postural program to date. 

Catrin’s Centre is run by a team of local volunteers; Nadia (our physio), Oscar and Usiel (our technicians). It focuses on seating for children and adults with specialized postural needs; however, it also caters for children, adults and their families who need advice, education, support and specialist equipment such as crutches, walking frames and occupational therapy equipment. Families can also attend for up to 4 sessions with Nadia and receive a personal home exercise program and advice for working with their child.

All the equipment we use has been donated from the UK (made possible by the support of MeDiCT, International Aid Trust, Specialised Orthotics Services and Physio Net) and is checked, repaired if needed and then donated. Once the family has finished with the equipment it can be returned, cleaned and checked and then is ready to re-donate again. Our clinic team also visit local centres, schools and organisations that look after children and adults with disabilities to assist them with postural management. They work directly with staff and parents to provide education as well as run satellite clinics to repair wheelchairs and seating equipment and provide new equipment where needed.  


Catrin’s Centre serves the whole of Puerto Vallarta community, providing specialist equipment, advice, support and training. We have seen the effect that the right equipment can have and how much of an impact it has on people’s lives. As with all of our work we are trying to make long lasting differences and this project will change lives forever.

If you have any spare equipment, would like to donate to help us buy new equipment, would like to volunteer to help in the UK or Mexico please get in touch.

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