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The Alan Holdcroft Award/Rotary International

The Alan Holdcroft Special Recognition Award present to Damien

The Alan Holdcroft Special Recognition Award present to Damien this year.

In 2010 I met a very special man called Alan. I was just about to go back to Mexico for a 7 month trip and I was advised to contact the local Rotary Club for help. I had no idea what Rotary was or how they could help but I got in touch with a man called Alan Holdcroft. Alan was very kind and he came to Cannock Hospital to meet me and we had a long chat about Cannock Rotary Club and how they help support local community projects as well as international ones. He had such enthusiasm and was so kind and knowledgeable. I contacted Alan on my return and I was invited to go and talk about my experience at one of their meetings. This was a big turning point for Therapies Unite. After my first presentation I was then invited back regularly and eventually I was asked to become an honorary member of the club.


2013-10-09-19-27-53 Over the past 4 years The Rotary Club of Cannock have donated almost £5000 to Therapies Unite to support the development of our projects. In addition they have put us in touch with other local Rotary Clubs who have in turn made donations to Therapies Unite. Rotary International have been instrumental in assisting us to set up our major projects and have funded the majority of our training programs. Without them we would not be where we are today. We are so grateful for their support and it does not stop just in the UK.


Due to Rot18237_540021286025695_1168935315_nary being an international organisation, we are also connected to the local clubs in Puerto Vallarta who have also supported us with our projects. I was very proud to be made an honorary member of the local club in Puerto Vallarta Marina Rotarios this year as well. It is an incredible organisation that comes together to create positive, lasting changes in local communities and around the world.


We could not be more grateful to Rotary International for all their support and I personally to Alan who was so welcoming and so kind and was responsible for introducing me to Rotary. For that reason we wanted to honor his memory. He was a very funny man, determined and courageous and for this reason every year we pick a very special child to receive the Alan Holdcroft Special Recognition Award.

Last year we awarded it to Sergio (you can watch the video here) for his amazing achievements in the pool. This year it was Damien’s turn. He is another child from our swimming group who, despite being unable to move his legs from the waist down, has learnt to swim with us and is now independently swimming and even doing butterfly stroke! Damien, like Sergio, has started to train and compete with a local disabled sports team and he is an inspiration to us all. We are so proud of him and he was so happy to receive his award this year. 

Find out more about Rotary International by clicking here. Find your local club and see how you can get involved. 




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