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Laura Brown de Rodriguez, a qualified UK Physiotherapist traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in September 2009, to work as a volunteer. She spent three months working within various rehabilitation settings supporting children and adults with disabilities. Laura’s experiences as a volunteer inspired her to set up Therapies Unite. She believes that the key to improving existing and developing new services for people with disabilities is to work with local people and provide them with the necessary education and support. The main goal of Therapies Unite is to establish long term changes and to focus on developing basic services to have a maximal impact on disability and the independence of service users. 

Our main aim is to support people who need help through the provision of skilled and qualified professional volunteers, dedicated specialist care, training and equipment. We work in deprived areas where poverty and limited medical care are a reality of everyday life. Through our support and professional expertise, we aim to make a long-lasting difference to people’s lives while benefiting the wider community.

All of the projects we run focus on empowering local people to set up or to develop existing services in order to help the local disabled community.


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